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Meu eu, infinito.

My self, infinite. ..

Without symmetrical way.
There is a discouragement,
I try to be best I can.
As an ordinary person.
Looking for my self, who abandoned me.
My eyes feel fear.
The future, everything from the death.
Live in messy living.
Fear absolve me, my mind,
she's always busy.
And without rules, went silent,
and I, in the deepest part of me.
Live tearful, weak.
Culminated in delicate dilemmas;
that arises, comes from the soul.
Hours sweet and deep.
In the mornings like,
I watched the princess.
I'ma lady night;
a fragile girl.
It's in the evenings, I find;
my calm, my peace.
Sleep no longer lives with me.
The silence will always be;
My companion, faithful friend.
From: Marina Brito Nunes
16/05/1013: 09:35

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